Meet Thunder: the new,
fastest way to trade on-chain.

And say goodbye to Telegram Bots. Forever.

A true all-in-one solution.

Giving you an unfair advantage in every way possible.

Designed to cover all your on-chain trading needs.


Lightning speeds, accessible from anywhere, and always online.


Unlimited power, built to be your personal blockchain battle station.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Built for speed, design, and adaptability.

Thunder was strategically designed to maximize ease-of-use without sacrificing any functionality, speed, or firepower.
Unmatched Speeds
We've built the fastest on-chain trading terminal. Bar none.
Intuitive Design
Everything a trader needs - without the headache.

Never suffer from CLIs or Telegram Bots again.
Consistent Updates
Thunder's development team works rigorous hours and has 24/7, global coverage for hotfixes, bugs, and other time-sensitive updates.

Support for every popular chain and exchange.

Keep up with the latest.

Visit our community Discord or follow us on Twitter for updates.