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Crypto is a new frontier - a new era of the internet - that is changing the world every day. But, like many new innovations, crypto is subject to its fair share of growing pains.

The blockchain is an open, immutable ledger: every transaction, every contract, and every interaction is documented for public viewing. However, a ledger of the current magnitude - regardless of ecosystem - is far too difficult to parse for any one individual.

Many companies have sought to create various solutions for documenting data shared across the many ecosystems in crypto - some for research, others for investing - but none have done so in a way that seamlessly marries the two or allows for true accessibility.

Crypto is a vastly complicated space, and is not yet ‘friendly’ for your average internet-goer.

While crypto - as a concept - is not just limited to the financial sector, finance has quickly become the main focus for developers, investors, and builders-alike.

The financial system has been an historically undemocratic system and favors those who are already wealthy or in places of power; naturally, Bitcoin’s whitepaper was written to address this same existential issue following the global financial system’s meltdown in 2008.

Recognizing crypto’s focus on the financial system, we began developing a platform to visualize on-chain transaction data alongside allowing the end user to directly purchase those same assets: solving a problem that has long been without proper solution. In the face of innovation, we continue to innovate.

We believe that people should have the right, not the privilege, to access proper financial data in order to make more informed investment decisions.

Barring access to information plagues both traditional and crypto markets. But, at this point in time, we believe that traditional markets have reached a point of “no return”. Traditional markets will never be fair - as has been the case for centuries.

But, crypto markets are still early enough for us to change this dynamic: to create a financial system that is equally accessible, regardless of one’s socioeconomic status. A system that is equitable.

Though, this reality is not a moon shot. We do not have to change the world in order to see real change where it matters; it can start with something small, with a project like our own.

Our planet’s wealthiest and most powerful continue to have an information monopoly on crypto markets; they run the show from behind the curtain like they’ve done before, and like they’ll continue to do, unless we begin pushing for real change.

By providing free, accessible, and high-quality crypto market data - paired with the ability to directly transact assets - to everyone, Eversify will signal the start of this change.

For once, and for all of humanity.

We believe that there is a solution to solving this discrepancy in crypto market data - specifically in regards to affordability and distribution.

Affordability is easily the biggest hurdle for crypto market data and information. And, while current solutions and companies in the space are ‘publicly’ available to (paying) users, they can sometimes charge up to $3,000 per month.

The average, first-world American household has only $5,300 in savings. Other parts of the world have median household savings in the $200-$500 range, if that. We cannot expect global change by charging even a dime to our users; thus why we’ve made Eversify completely free to access.

Distribution is the other huge issue we’ve observed in the current market - what good is a trading platform if it is not made publicly available? Furthermore, what kind of change would a platform like our own usher in if we only provided it to hedge funds, market-makers, and other whales?

We’ve designed a distribution scheme and network of backers that will not only make all current crypto investors aware of what we’re building, but also investors from more traditional markets. We will put Eversify in the hands of everyone.

In order to see real change, we must disrupt an industry that is already disrupting the world.

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